New members are always welcome.

If you are interested in joining the choir or would like further information about the Duhallow Choral Society please contact us on the details below:
Or you can contact the Choir Manager or PRO Officer on the numbers below.

Choir Manager  – Bridget Daly   087 6157720

  • Bridget Daly founded the choir in March 1996, with a love of current music . Bridget was a director on the board of IRD Duhallow and applied to IRD Duhallow for funding to setup the choir.  Bridget’s aim was to setup a choir for ordinary people around Duhallow. The choir was setup for all ages and to be inclusive of any one who had an interest in singing. Bridget is the choir manger and is responsible for organising and booking events and coordinating the activities of the choir in conjunction with the choir management team.

Hon Secretary  – Emma 086 3738074

  • Emma is the choir secretary and is responsible for managing the internal communications for the choir.

Public Relations Officer PRO  – Sandra Pigott 087 2314418

  • Sandra is responsible for handling the communications for the choir and the promotion of upcoming choir concerts and events.

Treasurer – Marie O’Keefe
Assistant Treasurer – Ann O’Brien

  • Marie and Ann are responsible for collecting the weekly and annual term fees. They handle all costs and invoices related to the choir, and manage the choir budget.

Music Libarian – Geraldine Dennehy 

  • Stores and archives the choirs music and provides

Stage Manager – Andrew Kenneally

  • Andrew stages the choir for all events and is responsible for coordinating how choir members enter and exit the stage at performances.

Musical Equipment – Eddie Thornton 

  • Eddie is responsible for storing the musical equipment for the choir throughout the year and he looks after transporting the musical equipment to rehearsals each night and to all the choir performances.

Uniform Coordinator – Joe O’Leary  

  • Uniform coordinator, Joe manages and look after the uniforms for the choir.

Transport coordinator – Margaret Cotter 

  • Margaret is responsible for organising transport for the choir for any events or

Website  – Sarah O’Toole

  • Sarah is responsible for maintaining the choir website